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OH PEOPLE, look at this!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 23, 2012, 2:17 PM
Spaffi's Area

Isn't my new journal skin awesome? ;w;
I'm soooo happy, my deviantART page looks awesome now! :la: And everything cause of :iconpsychotic-rainbow: she made it look MAGIC *w*
So, that's going to you: BITCH!! ILUVU! FUCK YES!! <3 :iconyeahplz: :icondeathhugplz:

You can see these Mini Nonames in my dA page.....i think i'll upload them as a normal pic here too XD

.....And now when i'm here.....i got tagged so i'll do that fast XDD Do here i go!

I got tagged by :iconhelixhartgrove:

1. You should paste these rules (very very important)
2. Answering the questions of who you tagged, and create ten new
     questions for people that you are tagged.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons in this journal.
4. Go to the profiles of the people you've tagged and tell them that have been tagged.

1. If your life were a cartoon series, what would it be about?

well, i have 2 options....
1- Alien lands on earth while a mother gets her second daughter, the alien kills the babie and gets the "new daughter". It grows up, it always acts very strange and unhumanly. It always solves problems with its alien things but in the end it all gets bigger but also funnier.....could be a pretty funny show XD
2- A cartoon about a sick girl with sick phantasies in her head, always imaginating things that could happen, creepy things and gory things, to people she doesn't like. But for some reason it all starts to happen and that freaks ehr out, she gets crazy, slowly, but in the end it happens with the death.....
(don't worry about me, i'm not like that but some little things are true like....that the head of someone i don't like just bursts XDD....funny thought for me 8D)

2. What's the one thing you want out of your entire life?

Something i want out.......pretty good question......some thoughts in my head should get out XD I won#t say more, that gets too privat >___,> XD

3. Name your favorite band/musician/duo/trio/quartet/ and genre and tell why.

At the moment i like Skrillex very much XD His music is so cheering up and it inspires me for cool pics. Fav song-->…
I started to like Linkin Park again because....the voive of the singer, Chester. On the one hand his voice can be so heavy, when he scream you know HE screams, that doesn#t happen very often ôo And on the other hand he has SUCH a soft and lovely voice.
I try to find some exaples....
That's where he screams:…
Soft variation of his voice:…
Aaaand....he has so much feelings in his voice...lust listen to that:…
Ok, enough with LP XD....IAMX......that guy is just the music itself, he has so awesome beats and his songs are so....i'm in love with every simple one of them :heart: Here is one:… and if you liked more, you won#t regret it XD
Pendulum is one of my fav bands too, their musik makes me hyperactive XD………

4. Do you hate this new-aged tween nonsense the media has been talking about (i.e., Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, the Kardashians, etc...) just as much as I do?

Well.....i can't really say that i hate...Justin Bieber for example...he did NOTHING bad to me but i don't like it how he gets marketed and presented. And the same with all the others.

5. Would you be able to switch your gender, if your life mattered on the whole basis of the whole thing?

......sorry, i have no idea what that means :I ...

6. If you met both your favorite cartoon character(s) and your favorite video game character(s), what do you think that would happen?

Well, first....i'd listen to Dibs crazy paranormal talk and agree with every stupid thing....and then go to spy Zim XDD
and....i have no fav video game character D8

7. What would happen if you met your greatest influence ever in real life ? (anything LEGAL goes for this question) lemme think....i think Jhonen Vasquez is a big influence on me XD Cause of him i draw like that now cause i started with IZ style XD So....what would i do.......first i'd ask him for an autogram XD Then i'd want that he takes a look on my pictures to give me his opinion about my style. And then i#d ask him if he's scared of the IZ fandom XDD....cause.....sometimes i am :I ......

8. What's the weirdest thing you've ever said to anyone? (swear words count, anything else is forbidden)

Oh.....woah, i dunno XD........i have MANY weird conversations like: "HEEEYYYY look how fast i can talk, blah blah blah, i can say the name of my sister so fast, listen: VerenaVerenaVerenaVerenaVerenaVerenaVerenaVerena, wow so fast, i didn't breath yet sinc i started to talk, i'mstilltalkingandidon'tbreath,idunnohowidothatwithoutevenbreathing,ishouldstopnowcauseiannoymyslefwiththatso.......*breaths DEEP*....ok......" "....eeeeh.....what?" "i WON'T repead that :iconwthplz:"

9. Have you ever tried writing a regular message in reverse? (? siht ekil)

I don't exactly know what that means but when it is what i think, then.....yes XD

10. What's the closest thing you want to see come back? (Movies and TV count, a cancelled series is also allowed)

Well......i don't know, I would say now "Invader Zim" when i didn't have the DVDs of the serie XD I don't really watch TV anymore so....i have nothing to say XD

E.N.D i have to think in 10 questions, right?....well here i go with my AWESOME questions!

1. Who are you? And where the hell am I?

2. What do you think about Vegans/Vegetarians? (i am one so DON'T say something wrong! :iconwthplz: (????)

3. Your fav music?


5. Do you think glasses make the person prettier or ugglier?

6. Do you like piercings and do you have some? Where?

7. There's a… .....i always laugh my ass up about that pathetic lyrics and that video is so....dreamland.....well, what do you think about it?

8. What do you think about the Rick Rolling?…

9. Trololol?… :icontrollfaceplz:

10. Weren't my questions awesome? (no, they weren't but i'll ask anyway XDDD)

And i tag:
but only if you really want XD you're not forced to do that ^^

Mini Noname
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thx x33
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