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I was tagged by :iconcountpencil: to do it with Noname, and two others.
So let's gooo, these are really sick questions! XD

By SquirrelyWrath77
Choose 3 of your OCs. They can be from anything. Original stories, fanfic OCs, whatever. It doesn't matter. None of this matters.

1. Noname
2. Mimi
3. Lance

1) So. Introduce yourselves. Are you related in any way, or do you have no idea who the hell each other is?
Noname: Ok w-well, eeh....I'm Noname and.... I-I'm not related to them but Mimi and I, we are in a relationship Ó __,O *a bit nerveous about Lance*
Mimi: My name is Mimi, I'm a mutant and Noname and I are in a relationshit as he already said~ <3
And Lance is my brother! Well.....we're actually not siblings but we were created by the same scientist. So we kind of are.
Lance: Name's Lance, I'm a mutant aswell and Mimi's my sister. The only thing I know bout that fag up there is that he killed my father è__e....

2) Great, great. So. Ever gotten a blowjob?
Noname: Ô__,Ô!......Why...w-would you ask that? I mean, y-yeah I have but......
Mimi: And he hasn't only had one ;D But of course I haven't, I mean....I'm a girl, doesn't work, right ê3e
Lance: Sure. Have you? I bet not è ---ê

3) HURR. That last question was uncalled for! Anyhoo. What do you like doing when no one else is looking?
Noname:, work on my projects and.......stuff > __,>"
Mimi: Masturbate, was that what you wanna hear? ê -ê
Lance: Look away then you'll know it. But don't worry, it only hurts a short time, then you're dead anyway.
HAHA, no I'm joking! Wankin', what else?.........or am I joking?

4) Have any secret shames that you'd like to indulge upon us today?
Noname: Eeeaah, you know....I-I'm eshamed of many things, but let me find one......W-well, when I'm mad I start to swear in Japanese.  Sometimes, it just happens like a reflex ö___,ö
Mimi: Sure I have! Sometimes I behave like a real cat. You know, when my instincts turn on. I feel so stupid when that happens = -=
Lance: Nope. êné

5) Got any ultra-quirky kinks?
Noname: I-.....I like to be  punished, tied up and hurt when the situation is right.....that's ultra quirky to me at leats :iconimetexcaliburplz:
Mimi: I really like to bite. I dunno, it gives me something.....I guess it's my cat instincts again ê -o
Lance: Not that I know Ò__o....

6) Within the last month, how many people have you done questionable acts with?
Noname: Umh, one. Or wait....what questionable act do you mean?....Well, if being forced to dress up like a drag queen and being almost smothered with someones tongue counts, then I have done very questionable acts with two people.........I hate my job °  ___,°"
Mimi: Well, only one. But trust me, we do very questionable acts èwe~
Lance: Actually it's only one......I don't get out that often e --e

7) Do you love me? I love you.
Noname: :iconhornyhornyplz:....... Well......I didn't expect that. But sorry, I....I don't.
Mimi: Maybe baby :iconstudmuffinplz:
Lance: ê __ê Do we have a problem brother?

8) Are you hurt because I lied in that last question?

Noname: Hehe, no, I'm actually relieved ÓvA
Mimi: I'm VERY sad right now Ûwu *sarcastic*
Lance: What, you think that comment touched me so much that it can hurt me? Pffh~ keep on dreaming.

9) If you could kill someone and get away with it, who would it be?
Noname: Nobody! Who am I do decide who shall live or die? I don't kill, I would never do that.
Mimi: It would be my last "owner". I don't know if I REALLY killed him when I ran away. You kow, just to make sure he's really dead.
Lance: Hah! I got away with it so many times! Now you overwhelm me, I can't even decide.

10) What is the one things that sets you off so much that you'll go from docile to rabid squirrel monkey in 12 seconds?
Noname: My sister è ____,e well and certain situations in which I have to improvise to save my life.
Mimi:'s kind of embarrassing to me but....again, when my cat instincts show up. I could freak out for a simple fucking toy >--<"
Lance: You know, when people intentionally provoke me. They seem to want me to explode, so I give them what they want Ù __ú

11) Who the hell are you people? Why are you in my house? Are you even people? Get outta my stuff!
Noname: Whatbthe- hey YOU kidnapped us and brought us here and now you want us to leave?? WHY ALL THAT EFFORT!! :iconwaplz:
Mimi: Ok, again. Hello, I'm Mimi, I'm here because you brought us here and no, I'm not, I'm a mutant. It was nice o meet you, where is the exit? OwÔ
Lance: Actally, I like this place. I think Imana stay here and YOU have to leve :iconshityfaceplz:

12) Does rain filter down through your handsome volcano rocks to create a wild mineral water that's tasty for the ladies?
Noname: The handsome volcano is quite active and causes some quakes, so the ladies etter not taste my filtered wild mineral water. If they do so, they risk their lifes  from a possible eruption, you know?
Mimi: :iconfreakedplz: what are you talking about?...
Lance: Mimi, you're not the only one confused :iconwthplz:

13) I'm going off track a little. Um. How many people have seen you bare-ass nekkid?
Noname: uumh.....Ö  __,Ö *counts*.........over ten people. Almost every time it was very ambarrassing.
Mimi: Maby, thoug I didn't count them. I mean, why should I? éwê~
Lance: You won't that's for sure ò _ô

14) How lovely. Have you ever wanted to smoke crack? Are you a crackhead?
Noname: Sometimes I do, But I wouldn't call myself a crackhead Ó __,o
Mimi: Yes I did, but now I don't like drugs anymore, they remind me of bad times....
Lance: Never been into those kind of drugs. But I had it once or twice, that's all.

15) Are you wondering how many more of these questions you must endure?
Noname: I already wondered that after the second questions.
Mimi: Yeah, I actally do. But that doesn't mean you have to sop asking.
Lance: Yes, you start to annoy me.

16) What's the strangest thing you've ever licked?
Noname: Ok, D-don't judgr me but it was a poisonous frog Ó __,O"
Mimi: A newt mutant! Though I was a kid when I did that ^^°
Lance: The heart of a freshly killed opponent....

17) How many people have you confided in about your contamination with SuperAIDS?
Noname: ° __ _,°........Is there something you know that I don't? There's no such thing as SuperAIDS.
Mimi: What is SuperAIDS? D8
Lance: What the fuck are you talking about :iconwthplz:

18) There is no question 18.

Noname: Aw thank god!
Mimi: Really? So, where is it?
Lance: Hey, you smell that?....Yeah, that's my annoyance growing bigger èné

19) Have you ever considered a fetish?
Noname: Umh, yeah.... Though I'm not proudof it >___,<"
Mimi: Oh yes we both have! 8D We compensate eachother perfectly. You must know, Noname is a masochist ÛvU
Noname: MIIMI! :iconholymotherofgodplz:
Lance: Pffffh, well, who hasn't? *shrug*

20) This mindless torture is over. Does this make you shit your pants in glee?
Noname: Ö ___,Ö................I don't shit my pants when I'm happy......
Mimi: Are you asking that because you hope you're not the only one who shat his pants? ewe
Lance: Aw finally it's over, I actually thought there will be something special at the end but no, it seems you're useless! *Grabs him and throws him out fo the window*

I taaaag......
:iconcandys-killer: (I duon't even know if you do such things Oo)
You two don't have to do it! Only if you like x3
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Is a Radioactive Germ


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