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Sawg Squad by Spaffi
Sawg Squad
Oh my Lord Darvin, i don't know when I started this picture. Probably two months again and then I didn't continue it!

They count as one of the best ald also the craziest. And Noname can count himself special to have the allowance to join them.
They aaaalll got the swag, we can clearly see who hasn't got the swag yet >n>

So Imana go through everyone from left to right:

Steve Is the squad leader and the strongman of the group. He is already pretty old but still got his body in perfect shape.

Skull does some paranormal shit. She sees ghosts, demons and angles but she has the theory they are beings from other dimensions coming over to this world.
She is generally very grumpy and she doesn't really like Pit.

Pit is probably the craziest of them all. He comes from South Africa and probably had his head under water for too long.
He is combat and fighting expert and he teaches Noname how to fight, together with Zero.

Zero is the weapons expert in the group. She also knows how to fight pretty well. She is the most chill person of them all and was the first one who
decided to be nice to Noname.

Rayer is the knife expert and also the psychologist of the group, he has the habit to constantly analyze his team mates psyche. Also he is in a relationship with Isis

Isis is the litle office girl of them. She almost never goes on missions, she usually stays in the base and organizes them, gives them informations and
stays in contact with them dirung the missions, tracking them and telling them where to go and what to do.

Noname is the genius of the group, for example he is responsile for hacking systems so they can either get inside special buildings or get useful informations.
Also since he can run pretty fucking fast they use him for some other  stuff like bringing something from one place to the other asap.
But he still is very new to all this and often panicks so that's when Mimi comes in

Mimi is even newer to all this than him  but she is a powerhouse and can runs very fast and fight very well. Since Noname brought her here
from his first (completely failed) mission, he has to take care of her. But it the end Mimi has to take more care of him than he of her.
At first Mimi hated Noname but she still did her job becuase she was more or less forced to. that was the condition to stay in the base without any trouble.
But things got better and now they are actually in a relationship and happy as never before <3

All Characters (c) Spaffi
Evil Sister Photos by Spaffi
Evil Sister Photos
Another answer for my Tumblr!…

Noriko and her girl friends always used to bully and sometimes also sexually harass Noname.
The poor shy boy always gets really nerveous around her girl friends so he is completely overwhelmed and defenseless.
Noriko and her friends always picked on him and she ducumented everyhting >n>

Noname & Noriko (c) Spaffi

Oh man I had to draw him like this again anyway XDD
He's getting used to the bunny suit and actually starts enjoying it..... since he changed the easter rules >n>°
Watch out boys and girls, he's coming for you

U BETTER RUN SO :iconragefaceplz:

Lance (c) Spaffi
Teasing Time by Spaffi
Teasing Time
Another answer for my Tumblr! >3<…

Ivan is the loveliest teddy bear alive and I love him forever Q3Q
He is actually a fancharacter which is like...... so amazing. there are already fancharacters from my story Mutant69 QvQ

Ivan (c) trentalicious

Lance (c) :iconspaffi:
This is another Drawing for an Ask on Tumblr!
Some Anon asked for NSFW with Grim and Lance, but they didn't mention what kind of NSFW XD

PLZ look at the post here:…

Grim (c) Sir-GrimD34th
Lance (c) Spaffi
And i had a good time uvu I basically just chilled and drew lots of stupid shit with Lance XD

I hope you all had a good time too uvu
I missed you all <3
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